Gabriel has a fantastic team of dedicated angels working with him.

A Paediatric Neurologist, a Psychologist, a trained Carer and a Facilitator/Tutor currently make up his extended family.  They all work very hard to help bring out Gabriel’s full potential and to help him become the independent, self-sufficient, happy young man we all know he can be.

As wonderful as Gabriel’s team is, they cannot survive by working on good intentions alone and a large majority of their fees are paid for out of our own pockets.  Gabriel’s Home Tutoring and Caring is also very expensive. And, unfortunately, we only have so many pockets, which are always running very low!

So we are looking for some more wonderful angels to join Gabriel’s team!  Angels that can assist, by making a small donation or even sponsoring a regular amount, so that we are able to continue this wonderful journey with Gabriel.  Angels that will, as a result, help make a wonderful difference in the life of our son.

Please feel free to click on the Donate button, hereunder, or, if you would prefer to do a direct EFT or deposit, please note the following banking details:

Account Holder : Gabriel
Account Number : 62354247572
Account Type : Savings
Bank : FNB
Branch Code : 250655
Swift Code : FIRNZAJJ

Please feel free to put your name as a reference (if you would like to) so that we can thank you, personally.



Any questions or comments?  Please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for caring and for sharing!